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Diminutive in English

In Portuguese, we use "inho" and "inha" to change to diminutive (in general).  In English we use "little", "small" or "tiny".

Take a look:

uma plantinha - a little plant
uma bicicletinha - a small bike
um apartamentinho - a tiny flat

But, we have a few exception, as we see:  "booklet - livrinho/livreto" and "rivulet riozinho" (just in few words, thanks God :) )

--> When  you want to say "more or less" you can express yourself by using rather, pretty, somewhat ou fairly.

Take a look:

Kitty me contou uma piada engraçadinha. (um tanto engraçado)      Kitty told me a pretty funny joke.   (pretty)
Está  calorzinho   hoje, Não está?   (um tanto   calor)                                        It’s rather    heat  today, isn’t it?         (rather)
Esta  cama   é pesadinha.  (mais ou   menos pesada)                                       This bed is somewhat    heavy.      (somewhat)
Mary é espertinha   para sua idade.  (um tanto   esperta)                           Mary is  pretty    smart  for his age.   (pretty)                                    
Suas meias   são velhinhas!    (um tanto   velhas)                                            Your socks are  fairly    old! (fairly)
Estava  friozinho   ontem.  (um tanto   frio)                                                           It was  rather    yesterday. (rather)
Source: www.infoescola.com   and my memory ;)                                                

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