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Teaching and learning

Learning English is, for most people, a sacrifice. I'd say it's not. I always says my students it's not. This is the teacher role, to show them how easy and pleasure learning English can be. The teacher has to involve them in a way they fell they are able to read, to write, to listen, to understand and even to think in English. Yes, to think. When we have this perception, things become easier and litlle by little we realize we don't need to do the translation, because we are really learning a language. Try it with simple things, to start. For example, when you see a pen, don't think this way: "caneta-pen", think only "pen". Don't do the translation, you'll see it's not necessary. The same thing when you want to talk in English, just talk. For a while, it doesn't matter how sucessfull you are with grammar rules or other things, the important thing is that you are able to communicate. Take it easy, don't be afraid and good luck. ;)

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